Fix Your Bike sessions

We are open for a public session every Saturday afternoon 2-5pm, when you can bring your bike to our workshop. We are all volunteers and are on hand to guide you, and our focus is on helping you to fix your own bike. You don’t need any experience to come along, just be willing to try.

In the workshop, we have a good range of tools, new and second-hand parts for you to use. We have set prices for parts, and we ask for 5 Euro per hour donation to cover the costs of running the workshop and buying tools.

We have limited spaces for users to work on their bikes, so please be aware we can get busy. There are limited spaces indoors and more spaces outside, so weather can affect what we can offer.

There is no shade or shelter in the car park. In case we don’t have space indoors, please bring whatever you need to be comfortable outdoors.