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EricPosted on  10:25 pm - Feb 13, 2017

Hi guys I am thinking of repainting my bike frame soon and I am just wondering if it would be possible to use the tools in your shop to take it apart and paint it (I would bring my own paint of course)

    adminPosted on  12:15 am - Feb 21, 2017

    Hi Eric, thanks for your interest, yes that should be fine, but painting may only be possible once we’ve finished rearranging the workshop. Let’s sort this out by e-mail so

FredaPosted on  7:04 am - Apr 7, 2017

I have few kids bikes which are in disrepair- was going to take them to dump but if they of any use I would be delighted to donate to you.

rosemary lynchPosted on  5:38 am - Apr 28, 2017

Looking for a secondhand ladies bike or folding bike have u any in stock

Patrick HinchonPosted on  5:23 pm - May 9, 2018

I’m interested in learning how to maintain my bike and be involved with a cycling group

    Cork Community BikesPosted on  4:05 pm - May 11, 2018

    Hi Patrick,
    Good to know you’re interested. The best first step is to come along to our Saturday afternoon DIY bike repair session, we’re open 2-4 every Saturday.
    Best wishes

terence mccarthyPosted on  10:48 pm - Aug 25, 2018

Hi Matt have you a single speed hi nellie bicycle in stock i have an elderly lady looking for one